Easy to use
The editor allows you to create sites without knowing how to code
The interface is simple enough to start using right away. You can start with a blank sheet or a complex template. And if you have any questions, our team will help you immediately.

Create a website in 5 minutes

Creating your own website is easy - just take 3 simple steps: choose a name for the site, choose a template, add information about yourself. Write as much as you want. Content can be added and modified later.

There is a free plan

And a long trial period to get acquainted with the full functionality - 90 days.

All items can be customized easily and accurately

All items can be customized easily and accurately

Design the way you want

Design the way you want

Create your site exactly the way you want. Each element on the web page is configured as if you were using html and css.

Responsive and adaptive design

You can customize the design for mobile phones, tablets, and computers to create a responsive design.


Choose one of the various templates. Create your own templates.


Use animation without knowing how to code.

CMS for convenience

Built-in content management system

Convenient for blogging, portfolio management, etc. A CMS that is customized to your needs.

Datasets are almost like a database - beta

Different types of fields, relationships between tables.

Complete freedom in the presentation of information

All information on your customized CMS can be displayed on your site in any form.

Collaboration for teams

Teamwork - beta

Work together. Create your team in Svit and work together on projects.

Permission settings - in development

Flexibly manage data access in your project.

Hosting without the hassle

Hosting included

You do not need to deal with it separately. Focus on creating a site. Publishing and hosting can be done in one click.

Own domain

Choose a name for your site or use your own domain. Easy to connect.


We keep a history of changes to your site.


In any moment you can go from a few visitors to hundreds of thousands without any additional configuration.


Online support in a human way

The system is easy to use, but if you have a question, our team is always ready to help! We are available via email or any messenger convenient for you. We will be a part of your team.

Friendly web builder for SEO

All tools for search engine optimization

Meta tags, automatic sitemaps, image optimization, etc.

We care about speed

We use the latest web standards to speed up the loading and interactivity of the site.

More than just a website

Accepting payments - Beta

Integrated LiqPay.

CRM - customer relationship management system - under development

Business owners can use our CRM integration.

SMM - tools for automatic integration with social networks - in development

Generate traffic on social networks and capture visitors on the site. Promote the site through social networks in a semi-automatic mode.

Project management system - under development

A site on the Svit platform is a good start for more complex projects that require teamwork.

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